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Yao's house is huge. It is built like a square out of many different buildings with a huge courtyard in the middle.The courtyard is where Panda spends most of his time and there is a pond with a small waterfall in the North corner. His house is traditionally built with bright colors, mostly reds and browns for the tiles that lift to the sky on the roof.

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No New Posts JAPAN -- LARGE HOUSE -----

a beautiful two story settled on the outskirts of the royal palace gardens, it has stood in his occupation since tokyo was founded. it has been modernised to be more secure on the outside, with its own privacy fence for security with a code and buzzer only a few nations know the code for (which is 1111 because kiku never set it. he didn't want the fence, it was thrust upon him.) outside it looks like a very modern home, with secure walls and glass windows, a front door of ebony and beautiful knocker over the front stoop, which boasts a front garden with a sakura tree, and a flower bed that wraps around the whole fence line to the side of his house. once you enter the door, there is a cabinet filled with shoes, and slippers for guests. walking into the home, there is an ancient feel to the house. to the left is the sitting and tea room, the door a traditional paper door. it is the only room in the house that still boasts the outdoor paper screen door, but outside that is a large sliding glass door to protect the paper from the weather. beyond that door are a traditional japanese walkway and a zen garden that holds a deer scare and a wind chime tied into some young bamboo. to the right of the entrance way is kiku's ultra-modern kitchen, with talking appliances and electric everything in a sleek black. you expect anything different? upon entering, the first thing one would see is the modern staircase and a hallway. if you were to venture down the hallway, one would find a small bathroom under the stairs (and idea stolen from america) with an ultra modern toilet and a fancy sink. the always open screens of the rooms would boast a japanese style dining room and a living room with all the bells and whistles. upstairs are two bedrooms (one kiku's, one an office with a guest space) and a bathroom/laundry room combo

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No New Posts RUSSIA -- CABIN -----

in a rural and sparsely populated village, isolated from all other buildings, lies an isolated and lonely cabin. very few have been inside this small cabin. but open the door and be greeted by a warm, flickering fire. candles placed carefully keep the cabin from burning down. it has a living-room, one bedroom coming directly off of it, and a bathroom. the living-room is layered with carpet. a rug is placed under the center table. a fuzzy couch surrounds that table on almost all of it's sides. against the wall is one, small, working refrigerator. it is often only half way filled with food. the other half is filled with other things (mainly housecleaning supplies). none except the owner has entered the bedroom. it has a twin size bed with two layers of comforters and a pillow. other than the bed, there is a single desk and drawer. on the desk, papers are scattered onto it. in the drawer, a few pieces of clothing are folded neatly. the bathroom itself is extremely small. it has enough room to fit a single shower and a (surprisingly) working toilet. the sink is outside: it is a well.

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No New Posts TOKYO -- HOUSE -----

it is a very traditional two story house on the outskirts of the busy city. upon entering there is the genkan, entrance hall, for people to remove their shoes, along with the cabinet to store them in. the house even keeps the old style gutters that form a kusaridoi on the way down. the rooms are all divided by siding paper doors and the flooring features woven tatami mats. his home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the bathrooms and kitchen being the most modern parts of the home. in the center of his house is a courtyard, with a garden that takeshi tends to along with a koi pond and enough room to practice combat so he doesn't lose his edge. over the decades tokyo has tried to keep the tradition in his home while mixing in the comforts modernization allow

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